Little Rock

Little Rock, the capital of Arkansas, was founded in 1812, This beautiful city is home to many attractions, including State Capitol, Kuapao historic District, Old State House, MacArthur Museum, and Old Mill. There are also many museums devoted to topics as varied as military history and the story of the city’s evolution, and about the landscape, the beautiful Wildwood Park that runs along the Arkansas River offers stunning natural scenery and a wide range of outdoor activities. My family and I stayed in Little Rock last year at a rental home. We visited Petit Jean National Park nearby but only after calling to get us unstuck. Our garage door trapped us inside! We left a 1 star review for that Airbnb.

Little Rock is the capital of Arkansas. It is also the center of Pulaski County. It was founded on November 7, 1831, on the southern bank of the Arkansas River near the geographic center of the state, which the French called “Le Petit Rocher” in the 1820s. The capital of Arkansas relocated from the Arkansas Post to Little Rock in 1821. The city’s population was 193,524  by the United States Census Bureau.

Little Rock is the state’s cultural, economic and governmental center in the south. There are many cultural institutions in Little Rock, such as the Arkansas Art Center, the Arkansas Repertory Theater, and the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, as well as hiking, boating, and other outdoor recreational activities. The history of Little Rock is shown by historical museums and historical areas or neighborhoods such as the Kuapao district, and historical sites such as Little Rock Central School. The city is the headquarters of Dillards, Windstream Communications, Axiom, Stephens, Arkansas University of Medical Sciences, Hever International, Clinton Foundation, and Rose Law Firm. Other large companies, such as Dassault Falcon Jet and LM Wind Energy, have large businesses in the city. The state government is the largest source of jobs, with many offices in downtown Little Rock. With the Little Rock Port offering river freight services.

What can I do if I had to take someone around the city and only had one day to show them the best of Little Rock, Arkansas? These are all the tourist attractions in Little Rock everyone’s favorite, all can be done within 24 hours, you can choose the timing, speed and stretch your tour over the weekend, which I recommend, all sights in Little Rock can be visited in one day, but This will strain you, but you can enjoy it more without rushing, no matter how long you stay in Little Rock make sure you visit these places.

The best attractions and things to do in Little Rock:

  • Le Petite Roche
  • River Market District
  • The Capitol Buildings
  • The Governor’s Mansion
  • The Quapaw Quarter
  • Heifer International Village and Green Building
  • Little Rock Zoo
  • Museums
  • The Clinton Library
  • Old Water Mill The Old Mill

Australia. The top three attractions to see

Australia. If you think that this is one of those countries that you won’t visit soon, because of a lack of attractions, then you are mistaken. There are many great attractions that you can see in Australia. Many think that Australia is just wilderness with dangerous animals and reptiles. This isn’t the case. These are just the top three attractions that you can visit in Australia. There are a lot more if you are just taking the time to search for some info.

Sydney Opera House

Not only is the Sydney Opera House one of the best tourist attractions in the whole of Australian, but this is also one of Australian’s top landmarks. 

This is a great place to visit, and you can even take some great pictures from the ocean side when you are on a tour boat. The best part of the opera house is that it is in Sydney. You can visit a couple of great places while you are in this huge city. 

The great barrier reef

If you are a scuba diver, then this is something you would know about. The great barrier reef. The top place underwater to visit. There isn’t anything else like this.

Many people are learning to scuba dive, just to see the great barrier reef. Photos aren’t giving the reef enough justice. Only those that are visiting the place, will really know how beautiful it can be. While you are going to Australia for scuba diving, you can scuba at a couple of great, secret spots. This is a beautiful country with interesting underwater creatures. 

The Great Ocean road

Feeling in the mood for a long drive alongside the ocean. Then the great ocean road is something to consider. This is known as the most beautiful drive in Australia. It is alongside the ocean for 151 miles. With landscapes on the one side, and ocean view on the other side. Many people are coming from far, just to ride this road, enjoying nature as we should.

The Sydney Opera house, The great barrier reef, and the Great ocean road. Just three of hundreds of tourist attractions that you can visit in Australia. If you think that Australia isn’t a great place for a tour, then you are going to miss out. It is recommended that tourists are putting this interesting country on their bucket list, and making sure that this is a country that they are visiting at some point in their lives.